Program Coordinator Asst. Prof. Dr. H. Emrah Karaoğuz

Contact: emrah.karaoguz@khas.edu.tr

Globalization, financialization, neoliberalism, economic nationalism, populism, state capitalism, democratic backsliding, growing inequalities, and climate change…The world is going through significant changes and facing major challenges at all levels and scales, making International Political Economy all the more critical in examining and comprehending the significant issues of our contemporary world.   

Our interdisciplinary MA program in International Political Economy (IPE), a sub-field of scholarly inquiry that draws on Economics, International Relations, and Political Science, covers a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives that are necessary to analytically and scientifically examine the crucial developments that directly affect our daily lives and well-being – some of which are mentioned above. Our program welcomes and offers a comprehensive IPE perspective to those interested in understanding the causes and consequences of the complex dynamic between market and state, economics and politics, wealth and power in different but interrelated fields: production, trade, finance, labor, development, gender, environment, security, and global governance.

We offer a wide range of elective courses from renowned academics in their fields. There are scholarship opportunities in the faculty’s national and international research projects. We welcome applicants from various backgrounds who are passionate about pursuing academic careers or fostering their professional qualifications.