Master of Arts in Political Science and Public Administration(Thesis)

Program Coordinator Dr. Sibel KARADAĞ
Contact: sibel.karadag@khas.edu.tr

The M.A. program in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration is designed for students and professionals who want to pursue a career in either private or public sector or who, at a later stage, would like to obtain a graduate degree. In the last decade, the concept of “knowledge-based policy design” has also transformed the field of political science and public administration, highlighting the need for people who are trained in the sub-fields of political science and public administration. With its compulsory and elective courses, this program creates apple opportunity for prospective students to develop expertise in the most contemporary and pressing issues of political science and public administration. The M.A. program, as a result of its interdisciplinary curriculum, allows the prospective students to take the elective courses according to their needs and interests, enabling them to specialize in fields that they want. The curriculum and the courses have been tailored to allow flexibility yet also fit time constraints.

The students are expected to write a masters thesis.

The medium of teaching in the M.A. program is English.

For inquiries, please contact: sbky@khas.edu.tr


Professor Dilek Cindoğlu
Professor Himmet Murat Güvenç
Professor Lerna K. Yanık
Professor Mary Lou O’Neil
Assistant Professor Berkay Ayhan
Assistant Professor Kerem Yıldırım
Assistant Professor Mehmet Kerem Çoban
Dr. Deniz Türker
Dr. Sibel Karadağ
Research Assistant Gülener Kırnalı


Prospective international students should get in touch with Kadir Has University’s International Office at international@khas.edu.tr for application procedures, tuition information and potential scholarship opportunities.