Please note that the information presented here is just a summary of the rules and regulations. All current regulations/directives etc. Can be found at the web page https://www.khas.edu.tr/en/about-us-university/regulations you are expected to read these documents. You can contact the management of sgs for further information.

Students who are admitted with 75% or higher tuition fee waiver are required to take SGS550 Academic Skills class every semester. The registration is made by the Institute Administration. Several seminars and/or workshops are organized either at the beginning of or during each semester, and attendance to these activities are required. Also, students registered in SGS550 are expected to provide some support to their programs. The nature and the length of these supports are determined by the coordinator of the program. Participation at the above-mentioned activities and providing the support in the duties determined by the coordinators are enough for a pass grade in SGS550. The tuition reductions of the students who fail at SGS550 course are revoked.