Assoc. Prof. Suncem KOÇER ÇAMURDAN



Start End Work Position
01 September 2003 01 June 2005 University of Arkansas, Anthropology Graduate Assistant
01 September 2005 01 June 2012 Indiana University, Communication & Culture Associate Instructor
01 September 2008 01 June 2013 Kadir Has University, Faculty of Communication P/T Instructor
01 September 2009 01 June 2012 Sabancı University, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences P/T Instructor
01 September 2013 - Kadir Has University, Department of PR and Information Assistant Professor


Education University Department Date
Ph.D. Indiana University Communication & Culture / Anthropology (Dual degree) 2012
M.A. University of Arkansas Anthropology 2005
B.A. Bogazici University Guidance and Psychological Counseling 2003
Study Abroad State University of New York 2002

Areas of interest

Media anthropology, publics, performance theories, identity politics news-making and news media, transnational media production and circulation
crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding


Code Course Name Course Location Semester
CPR-513 Critical Approaches to PR Campaigns Kadir Has University
CF-104 History of World Civilization Kadir Has University
PR-402 News Culture: Critical Approaches to News Media Kadir Has University
PR-302 Persuasion and Propaganda Kadir Has University
PR-201 Communication Campaigns Kadir Has University