Dr. Öğr. Üyesi İrem İNCEOĞLU


Start End Title Place
01 January 2014 - Bologna Process Faculty Co-ordinator Kadir Has university


Start End Work Position
01 January 1997 31 March 2001 Middle East Technical University Graduate Assistant
02 April 2001 10 January 2003 “National Program for the Enhancement of Women’s Integration in Development” Project Assistant
01 September 2003 29 June 2008 Roehampton University, Media and Cultural Studies P/T Lecturer
05 February 2007 29 June 2012 Middlesex University, School of Media and Performing Arts Lecturer
01 September 2012 - Kadir Has University, Department of PR and Information Assistant Professor


Education University Department Date
Ph.D. University of Surrey Roehampton Media and Cultural Studies Programme 2010
MSc Middle East Technical University Gender and Women’s Studies Programme 2001
BSc Middle East Technical University Department of Political Science and Public Administration 1997

Areas of interest

Social movement activism Feminism, Gender and Women's Studies
Digital culture, Social media Political communication
Cultural studies, discourse analysis


Code Course Name Course Location Semester
CPR-505 Communication Management for Civil Society Kadir Has University Fall
PR-417 Strategic Communication for Civic Initiatives Kadir Has University Fall
NM-213 New Media Politics Kadir Has University Fall
CS-518 Cultural Difference and Politics Kadir Has University Spring
CPR-513 Critical Assessment of PR Campaigns Kadir Has University
CF-406 Social Media and Campaigning Kadir Has University
CF-311 Gender and Media Kadir Has University
PR-214 Media and Politics Kadir Has University
PR-211 Media Analysis Kadir Has University