Assoc. Prof. Bengü Özuğur UYSAL



Start End Work Position
20 October 2017 - Kadir Has Üniversitesi Assoc. Prof. Dr.
03 November 2017 - Kadir Has Üniversitesi Asst.Prof.Dr.
20 November 2000 03 November 2017 Kadir Has Üniversitesi Res. Asst.


Education University Department Date
Ph.D. İstanbul Technical University Physics Engineering 2012
M.Sc. Marmara University Physics 2004
B.Sc. İstanbul Technical University Physics Engineering 2000

Areas of interest

Thin Films, Metaloxide Nanoparticles, Polymers, nano fillers


Code Course Name Course Location Semester
PH-132 Physics Laboratory II Kadir Has University Spring 2018-2019
PH-131 Physics Laboratory I Kadir Has University Fall 2018-2019
BIO-317 Molecular Biophysics Kadir Has University Fall 2018-2019


Title Type Publishing House Year Released Month City Journal Type
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Characterization of MWCNT-TiO2 Qps and TiO2 QDs in self-assembled films Pub. Elsevier 2017 01 Munich, Germany SCI-Exp
The electrochromic performances of single phase VO2 nanoparticled films Pub. Elsevier 2016 09 Switzerland SCI-Exp
Effects of precursor parameters on the optical and electrical properties of AZO nano-composite films Pub. Elsevier 2016 01 Munich, Germany SCI-Exp
Tailoring the Electrical and Optical Properties of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Transparent TiO2 Composites Pub. World Scientific 2020 02 Singapore SCI-Exp
Determination of growth kinetics and size dependent structural, morphological, optical characteristics of sol-gel derived silica nanoparticles in silica matrix Pub. De Gruyter 2019 03 Warsaw, Poland SCI-Exp
Fractal Features and Structural, Morphological, Optical Characteristics of Sol-Gel Derived Silica Nanoparticled Thin Films Pub. POLISH ACAD SCIENCES INST PHYSICS 2018 05 Warsaw, Poland SCI-Exp
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The effects of Dea:water ratio on the properties of ZnO nanofilms obtained by spin coating method Pub. Elsevier 2015 08 England SCI-Exp
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Cosmic Ray Intensity Variation during a CME Pub. Pergamon-Elsevier 2002 04 England SCI-Exp