The Project Development Office (PDO), the iNEO Technology Transfer Office (TTO) and the Project Management Office (PMO) within the organization of the Directorate of R&D Resources at Kadir Has University serve researches all the way starting from the development of research ideas to the commercialization of the research outputs.

The Project Development Office (PDO)

Informs researchers of the available national and international funds, match the appropriate fund programs with researchers in line with the fields of specialization and career objectives of the researchers, and support researchers in the processes of the development of project ideas, the preparation of these projects in line with the expectations of funders and, of the conclusion of agreements for the supported projects. Considering the project acceptance dates of the fund programs, the PDO holds information meetings and organizes training programs on project writing for academic staff and graduate students. Graduate students have a chance of receiving scholarship and actively taking part in many national and international research projects carried out by the academic staff of our university. The PDO also closely follows and provides information on research funds to which graduate students could directly apply.

iNEO Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

Creates opportunities for cooperation by establishing a platform where the researchers could meet the appropriate industries and companies in line with their fields of study and objectives. We provide all the supports as intended to enable researchers to work with companies such as consultancy services and common project applications for companies. The iNEO TTO does not only introduce researchers to national and international companies and, support the establishment of industrial collaborations, but also makes efforts to ensure that researchers could take place in multi partnered and large scale research projects by means of creating a platform on which researchers could meet universities and research institutions. Under the scope of the projects supported by the TÜBİTAK BİDEB 2244 Industrial PhD Program carried by our university with companies, our students have a chance of studying for integrated PhD degree and are enabled to  work with and gain experience at such companies in which they acted in cooperation during their education. The iNEO TTO also carries out the process of patent review and research and of the application for national and international patents and utility models in order to protect the new ideas and inventions of researchers. The ideas researchers come up with are protected within the scope of a confidentiality agreement entered into with the respective stakeholders of the research projects. It is ensured that the inventors and the respective companies meet in order to commercialize the ideas protected by patent registration.

The Project Management Office (PMO)

Supports the processes concerning the creation of the developed research projects, the management of the projects of researchers supported by the funders, the preparation of financial and technical reports and, the successful conclusion of these projects accordingly.