As the School of Graduate Studies of Kadir Has University, we aim to provide our students with an education encompassing scientific research and encourage our students to take interdisciplinary courses and try to develop their communication skills.

With our experienced academic staff and up to date scientific graduate programs we are serving to the community from the heart of Istanbul and its historical structure on the banks of the Golden Horn. Our experienced academic staff is supported with industry professionals in order to transfer the necessary knowledge and real life experience to our students by both theoretical and practical education.

The buildings and classrooms are equipped according to information age requirements. With its research encouraging large publishing and book network of libraries, with the museums and historical background and social activities, and with our informative and entertaining campus one can always find much to do in terms of academic studies and real life experiences. Our Graduate School provides a world-class education to the master and doctoral students by considering information age requirements and with a modern, participatory and theoretical-empirical method based education. Our aim is to educate skilled and professional senior managers and academics, who possess critical and analytical thinking and demonstrate leadership qualities even under stress and rough conditions.