On the Doctoral Program for Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Program Coordinator Prof. Yonca Erkan

In today's world where cultural assets are accepted as the common heritage of the world, the activities related to this field are peaceful activities that bring together national and international people, societies, civil or official organizations. Cultural assets in our country constitute an important accumulation in terms of world heritage. Particularly, Istanbul, which has been a settlement site since ancient times and has been the capital of three major empires such as Rome, Byzantium and the Ottoman Empire, is a very comprehensive research area. Nowadays, every conceptual or practical study carried out over the city reveals important data for the world history by adding new ones to the cultural assets in Istanbul. In our geography and in this city (in Istanbul), it is an obligation to explore and protect cultural assets through graduate programs. Kadir Has University has been determined to fulfill its responsibilities in this field with the Master's Program for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage since 2005-2006 Academic Year. Our institution has started the Doctorate Program for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage on the same subject with the experience gained in the current Master Degree Program on Protection of Cultural Heritage.

Since 2015, Kadir Has University has been actively involved in research and awareness-raising in the field of World Heritage Preservation. The PhD Program is in collaboration with the UNESCO Chair on Management and Promotion of World Heritage Sites: New Media and Community Involvement (https://www.khas.edu.tr/en/research/unesco-chair). In this context, the PhD Program applies a training model that specializes in the protection of World Heritage sites. In addition, Protection and Politics; Cultural Heritage and Information Technologies; Rural Protection and Sustainability; Intangible Cultural Heritage; Industrial Heritage and Reuse; Acoustics, Lighting and Air Conditioning are the focus areas of conservation.

Due to its interdisciplinary structure, the Doctoral Program accepts students from all disciplines.

Contact: yonca.erkan@khas.edu.tr