Program Coordinator Assistant Professor Yalçın ŞADI

The Doctoral Program in Electronics Engineering  focuses on Telecommunications Technologies, Wireless Communications and Sensor Networks, Microwave Systems and Control an with the aid of the  several funded projects supported  by the national as well as international sources.

Main objective of the program is to graduate high level and talented Ph. D. students who could handle and interpret difficult and challenging problems in telecommunications, information technology within Electronics Engineering.  Our PhD. Graduates are expected to handle, analyze, design and offer viable solutions to the problems of the related institutions and companies in Turkey as well as abroad. On the other hand,   we aim to give Ph. D education to prepare them to do research and teaching  as a faculty member in universities both in Turkey and abroad.

Teaching Language: English

The days and times of the courses in the program are adjusted according to the student’s schedule.

Contact: Assistant Professor Yalçın ŞADI (yalcin.sadi@khas.edu.tr)

Educational objectives


Doctoral students in the Electronics Engineering Ph. D. Program are offered graduate courses such as Telecommunication and Information  Engineering, Wireless Mobile Communications, Sensor networks, Microwave Systems and Electronics and Control Systems. Upon the completion of the PhD degree, the candidate should be at the forefront of knowledge in Telecommunications and in its related areas. The candidate should be able to evaluate the use of different methods in these subject areas, and should be able to contribute to the development of new knowledge, new theories and new methods in the subject area.

Upon completion of the PhD degree, the candidate should be able to formulate questions for, and plan and carry out research in telecommunications and  in its related  subject areas. The candidate should be able to conduct research at an international level, and should be able to address complex technical questions and challenge established knowledge and practices in the area.

General  Expertise
Upon completion of the PhD degree, the candidate should be able to conduct research with professional and ethical integrity. The candidate will be able to participate in complex multidisciplinary assignments and projects, provide research and development via recognized national and international channels, participate in debates in the field in international forums and assess the need to take the initiative to drive innovation. The candidate should be able to quickly acquire new knowledge in the field.

Subject areas

The PhD Program in Electronics is academically linked to the following main areas:

  • Telecommunications
  • Wireless and Mobile Communications
  • Advanced Signal Processing and Applications to Communications
  • Microwave  systems and Electronics
  • Information and Coding Theory
  • Sensor and Neural  Networks
  • Control Systems