Psychological Sciences Ph.D. Program
Aim of the Program:

• In the present era, Psychological Science has gained an interdisciplinary characteristic by incorporating methodological paradigms from different sub-fields and other fields of science. It became a necessity to launch a research-oriented Ph.D. program in Psychological Sciences with the main goal of understanding human nature in an integrative fashion. In the service of this goal, various areas of research in psychology, such as cognitive, developmental, and social psychology, as well as their interactions will be the focus throughout the program.
• The program aims to train qualified academics who will actively take part in research while ideally holding scholarships in projects funded by KHAS, TÜBİTAK, and other national/international agencies.

Target Audience of the Program:

• Students who have graduated from a 4-year undergraduate program (Psychology) and subsequently a Master’s degree program (Psychology) with thesis (or who are in a position to complete the latter program before joining this one)

Features of the Ph.D. Program:

• Opportunity to engage with and take course from various sub-fields and other fields of science. 
• The main areas of research in psychology (cognitive, developmental, social) and their interactions will be the focus throughout the program.
• Students will focus intensively on a sub-field of their choice while studying primary scientific inquiries of psychological science through different scientific paradigms and methods.