Distinctive features of KHAS Banking and Finance Ph.D Program

Faculty of Banking and Finance PhD Program consists of competent academics who follow global and domestic developments in their fields closely. In addition to teaching courses and conducting other academic activities of the program, faculty staff also organizes panels, seminars and conferences on topical economic and financial issues. Thus, the theoretical instruction of the program is enriched with real world oriented examples and activities.

Kadir Has University’ s continuously expanding library and electronic databases provide access to a wide variety of books, periodicals and related information.

Graduates of the program acquire up to date instruction in the sine qua non fields of banking and finance like financial economics, financial institutions and markets, banking theory and policy, managerial economics, international monetary/financial system, financial risk management and financial modeling. For those who are interested, the program offers courses in quantitative finance, probability, stochastic processes and statistics, too.

Course materials of the program are in English, thus providing students access the most up to date course information worldwide. This helps them compete better in the increasingly global marketplace for finance experts.

Graduates of the program successfully work in various private and public institutions like banking firms, corporations, investment funds, state organizations and metropolitan mayoralities, as well as higher education institutions, universities and research centers.