The program has produced 17 graduates – 14 with thesis and 3 without thesis – in total between 2011 and 2018.

The theses carried out within the program up until today, and the thesis subjects are as follows:


Student Name Thesis Subject Advisor Number of References Rate of Reference in English Rate of Reference in Turkish Average Reference Age
DERYA ADIGÜZEL (2011) Environmental Approach to Education on Interior Architecture in Turkey Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayşen Ciravoğlu / Prof. Dr. Zuhal Ulusoy 79 35 65 6
ECE ALTINBAŞAK (2012) Identification of the Impact of Elementary Schools’ Playgrounds on Physical Activity Inclination of Children with the Participatory Design Method Assist. Prof. Dr. Orçun Kepez 76 88 12 9
SELİN GÜRDERE  (2012) Different Publicities in Public Art: An Analysis on Public Works of Art in Istanbul Assist. Prof. Dr. Didem Kılıçkıran 91 62 37 22
VİLDAN ÖZTÜRK   (2012) Concept of Image on Newspaper Ads in Turkey between 1980 and 2010: Analysis in the Context of Brands Assist. Prof. Dr. Nur Balkır Kuru 103 50 50 20
IŞIL KARATAŞ (2012) Analyzing and Measuring Emotions on Customer Coproduction Process Through Empirical Research on Ikea Customers in Turkey Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Coşkun Orlandi 97 100 0 11
ESER DÜZCAN (2012) Fact of “House” for Current Housing Surveys in Turkey Assist. Prof. Dr.  Didem Kılıçkıran 192 60 40 5
MÜJDE BAYRAKTAR (2013) Utopic Strategies in Today’s Works of Art: An Analysis on Andrea Zittel, Suprflex and Ai Weiwei Assoc. Prof. Dr. İnci Eviner 55 58 42 8
CEREN ACUN (2013) Construction of Identity in Contemporary Art: Work and Actuality Assoc. Prof. Dr. İnci Eviner 65 29 71 9
IRMA ZMIRIC (2014) Unsetting The Standards of Female Beauty: An Examination of Contemporary Images of Women in Advertisement Assist. Prof. Dr. Eser Selen 40 100 0 24
ALİ KURU (2014) Information Theories and Policies Affecting Art and the Understanding of Art Education Assoc. Prof. Dr. İnci Eviner 198 52 48 12
DUYGU KARAKEÇİLİ (2015) Transformation of Maçka Democracy Park in terms of Usage and Meaning after Gezi Park Protests Assist. Prof. Dr. Didem Kılıçkıran 59 2 98 11
ÇİĞDEM CANSU POLAT TOPDEMİR (2016) A Case Study on the Impact of Access to Outdoor Locations on Behaviors in Classroom for Preschool Children Assist. Prof. Dr. Orçun Kepez 67 53 46 15
BERİN SOMAY (2017) Observing Art Workshops in İstanbul Modern Museum as an Informal Learning Environment For Children Assist. Prof. Dr. Orçun Kepez 36 100 0 12
FATİH CETİZ (2017) Development of Common Working Areas in the Context of Creative Economies, and Impact on Business and Working Life in 21st Century: The Case of Istanbul Assist. Prof. Dr.  Ayhan Enşici 83 59 41 11
ECEM SARIÇAYIR (2017) Crossing Border Space: Spatiality With Socially Engaged Art Assoc. Prof. Dr. İnci Eviner 70 94 6 19
CEREN AYBALA ALMAATA DABAĞ (2017) Design Workshop Practices in Local Development: Analysis of Cases Located in Turkey Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayhan Enşici 34 97 3 10
BURCU ÇELİKSAP (2017) Maker Movement's Effects On The Democratization of Design Process Assist. Prof. Dr. Eser Selen 41 95 5 7
BUSE AKTAŞ  (2018) Nudging Craft Heritage: An Apprenticeship Model Using Performative Artistic Research Methodologies Assoc. Prof. Dr. İnci Eviner 56 55 1  
FURKAN RUŞEN (2018) Association between Constant Image and Memory in Cinema, and Initiatives Brought by Video Art to Cinema Assoc. Prof. Dr. İnci Eviner   89 48 52 16
EZGİ AKPINARLI (2019) Urban Identity in Istanbul-Based Fashion Design Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Coşkun Orlandi   Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Nur Erek (co-advisor) 117 84 16 8
OZAN AKBAŞ (2019)   Culture, Commodity and Spectator Under the Influence of Global Industry: The Case of Karaköy Prof. Dr. Arzu Erdem   Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Nur Erek (co-advisor) 70 51 49 13
AYSEL MERVE TOPLAOĞLU (2019)   Traces of Informal Placemaking: The Case of Caferağa Neighborhood in Istanbul Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Nur Erek 145 96 4 9
GUNAY MAMMADRZAYEVA (2019) Understanding The Expectations Of Occupants On Coworking Space Assist. Prof. Dr. Orçun Kepez 76 100 0 14
CEM DEMİRCİ (2020) The Critique of the Critique – Ranciere’s Approach to Art and Politics. Prof. Dr. Bülent Diken 43 100 0 11

mezun-tasarim-yl1Derya Adıgüzel –2011

"After the undergraduate education in Interior Architecture at Istanbul Technical University, I attended the Master’s Degree Program of Design at Kadir Has University. This Master’s Degree in Design allowed me to be in interaction with different disciplines in terms of students and academic staff. This enabled me to look at the concept of design from different perspectives, to interiorize the multidimensional nature of design and, work with graduates from different disciplines. This education thought me that I should consider design not only as a product but also conceptually, and paved the way for me to publish national and international articles and, participate in design competitions in different areas even before graduating. As the first graduate from the program in 2011 and getting inspired from many different academic disciplines, I have made my own way. Before I graduated, I started to work as a Research Assistant at Istanbul Kültür University. After I graduated, I started to attend a Doctoral Program of Architecture at the same university. I continued my doctoral researches within the organization of Architecture Theory and Design at Ku Leuven, and completed my doctoral program in 2016. I am continuing my researches in the fields of design thought and education, interior architecture design, architecture and phenomenology."


mezun-tasarim-yl4Ece Altınbaşak –2012

“I graduated from the Master’s Degree Program of Design in 2012 that I started after I had received my bachelor’s degree in the department of landscape architecture (design). I am currently studying for the doctoral degree and writing up my thesis at the department of Design, North Carolina State University where I was admitted as a Fulbright scholarship holder. For my doctoral thesis, I am carrying out research to analyze on how a secondary school would be designed in a more innovative manner considering the changing teaching philosophies, technologies and requirements of the 21st century. I work as an assistant for both the bachelor’s degree and master’s degree courses and various research projects at North Carolina State University, and also serve as an Economic Development Analyst at Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise, University of North Carolina, conducting a research project in the fields of “downtown development” and “innovation districts”.

One of the most significant positive effects of the Master’s Degree Program of Design I started in 2009 on my career is that it changed my understanding of “design” conceptually and practically through the interdisciplinary and contemporary approach it offered, and it introduced me to the concept of “research in design”. The most important experience I gained in this area was my thesis study “Identification of the Impact of Elementary Schools’ Playgrounds on Physical Activity Inclination of Children with the Participatory Design Method” I conducted as advised by Assist Prof. Dr. Orçun Kepez. During my doctoral education, I also had a chance of working as a full-time research assistant in the research group DesignHEALS conducted by advisor Dr. Kepez as supported by the European Union Framework 7 Marie Curie Program, which is one of the most significant factors that made me understand the importance and extent of research in design. I also had a chance to present both the preliminary and final findings of my thesis study at national and international conferences, which is another useful experience I gained within the scope of the program. During my last year of the program, I applied for the Fulbright scholarship in 2012 with the strong encouragement and support by my advisor, and then I was admitted to a doctoral program in the US, which is one of the most important stages of my academic career. All the courses I attended during the program, and my esteemed professors as well as the dynamic students and academic staff, of which I am a part, have greatly contributed to the studies I am currently carrying out and, the vision that I am currently holding. I would like to thank again to all the professors from whom I took courses, in particular, my advisor.”


Selin Gürdere –2012

“I remember that I achieved to get rid of the feeling of being caught in a trap and not being able to proceed during my monotonous business life at the private sector when I started to attend the Master’s Degree Program of Design at Kadir Has University. This program allowed me to work with many great professors from different academic disciplines, which broadened my horizon. Thanks to the interdisciplinary approach of the program, which I believe is the most important aspect, I did not only support my practical experience with a theoretical infrastructure from the courses I took, but also achieved to have knowledge about different areas and subjects such as cinema, city, architecture, gender mainstreaming, sociology and art. The historical position of the university, the social environment and facilities it provided gave me a chance of enjoying the education during the time I attended the program. I also had a chance of being involved in the project of Assist. Prof. Dr. Orçun Kepez supported by Marie Curie Program titled “DesignHEALS: Investigating Design Guidelines for Healthy Assisted Living Settings”, which allowed me to gain experience in academic research before my doctoral degree. Based on the freedom I received since this program is of interdisciplinary, I was able to write up a master’s degree thesis in publicity and public art because of my interest in social problems, although I had a bachelor’s degree in engineering. I maintain this interest with a critical point of view focusing on social based practices in the field of product and service designs during my doctoral education I am currently receiving at the department of Industrial Design, Middle East Technical University. I am also currently full-time working at the project titled “Development, Prototype Production and Verification of Outdoor Exercise Equipment Considering the Users’ Requirements” supported by TUBITAK and conducted by Assist. Prof. Dr. Aydın Öztoprak and Assist. Prof. Dr. Armağan Kuru from the department of Industrial Design, TOBB Economy and Technology University. I am planning to proceed with this academic career I started with the encouragement and support from the professors at the Master’s Degree Program of Design, Kadir Has University.”


Ali Şahan Kuru –2014

“I completed my master’s degree education at the program of Design between 2012 and 2014 at Kadir Has University. First of all, I should highlight that one of the most important factors to consider by a student with the aim of carrying out an academic career when making a choice about the university to attend is that they must prefer a program capable of guiding them in line with their career targets and, of course the academic staff at that program. Of course, the physical conditions, social facilities and other similar factors that a university has to offer are also important, but what makes the process productive and meaningful is the professors and, the skills to guide the students and, the potential to bring them different visions and perspectives. I wanted to attend this master’s degree program at Kadir Has University when I admired the competences of my professors in their respective fields, from whom I had a chance to take courses and, their capabilities of expanding the borders of other disciplines in a permanent way. The program’s structure aimed to bring a holistic point of view on how both the mechanical and conceptual mechanisms function rather than only providing you with technical competence and, allowing you to do what falls into the scope of your profession. Thus, the education I received during this program was not only instructional process, but also a journey that encouraged me and opened up my horizon to have a different point of views and think differently.
After I graduated, I am continuing to attend its library, which I believe is rich, qualified and joyous, to talk to and, obtain ideas from my professors from time to time. In addition, during my education, I had a chance to attend international events and organizations such as biennials, triennials etc. and, share, exhibit and public my personal and collective works. I gained experiences and, were acquainted with great people during the seminars and meetings organized at the school, which is also of course a great achievement for my career.
I am currently attending the doctoral program of Western Art and Contemporary Art at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. I am studying on the lack of academic works in the fields of contemporary art practices and, art history.”


Ecem Sarıyaçır

“I am currently attending a doctoral program of Architecture and Urban Development at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. After receiving education ay Brandenburg University of Technology, Germany (Cottbus-Senftenberg) with a one-year exchange program, I graduated from the department of Architecture at Istanbul Technical University. Thereafter, I received my master’s degree from the master’s degree program of design at Kadir Has University. My thesis titled “Passing the Border Space: Spatiality and Social Art” that I conducted with Assoc. Prof. Dr. İnci Eviner is an analysis on border spaces with a methodology based on the association of the practices in architecture and art. This Master’s Degree Program of Design at Kadir Has University allowed me to have an introduction to interdisciplinary methods, and enabled me to carry out researches at the intersection of architecture and urban planning with art, politics and history. ”