Program Director Dr. Reyda Ergün Umuroğlu

Head of the Department Dr. Argun Karamanlıoğlu

Public Law LLM Program’s main purpose is to create an opportunity for students thriving to specialize on preferred subjects. Along with students who earned their bachelor’s degree in law, the program is designated to serve as a substantial and practical basis for participants who completed their studies on law related programs such as bureaucrats, public/private sector executives and management trainees. The Public Law LLM program will widen the perspective of its participants by adapting to the ever-changing legal environment and focusing on contemporary legal topics. The curriculum is designed especially around the framework of Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Human Rights Law and European Court of Human Rights and Turkish Constitutional Court practices.

Teaching language is Turkish.

The program requires a thesis for graduation.

Course schedules are arranged according to working students.

Contact reyda.ergun@khas.edu.tr