Director | Assoc. Prof. Ezgi Tuncer 

Skilled migration & labour migration – city and everyday life; displacement and place-making practices; ethnographical method; spatial analysis and mapping; border and political philospohy; space – power – politics; contemporary art and space; foodscapes and city


Prof. Murat Güvenç

Urban planning, geography, theories of urbanism, cartographic methods, data visualization techniques and digital humanities

Prof. Bülent Tanju (Part-Time)

History of architecture; historiography; modernism; modern architecture; urban history

Assoc. Prof. Didem Kılıçkıran

Theories of space place and society; anthropology of space; feminist theory; gender and women's studies; grounded theory and ethnographic research

Assoc. Prof. Sabri Gökmen
Architectural history and theory; architectural morphology; computational design; digital fabrication; building ınformation modelling (BIM) 

Assist. Prof. Ufuk Soyöz

History of greek and roman art and architecture; sensory studies; architecture and rituals; architectural communication and representation


Guest Researcher Dr. Gürbey Hiz

Architectural representation, visual culture, modernity, architectural history, periodicals