Program Objectives:

Cultural assets in Turkey reflect an historical past from as early as the prehistoric age (circa 10,000 BC) down to the present day. Conservation of movable and immovable assets and ensuring that cultural heritage is passed on to future generations is everyone’s responsibility, both in Turkey and around the world. The Graduate Program for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage aims to encourage a broader understanding of historic value, research and analyses of related problems, as well as the development of solutions; in other words, the goal of the program is to promote and disseminate a culture of conservation. Established in the 2005-2006 academic year, our program is open to students from various disciplines, due to the multi-faceted nature of cultural heritage conservation. Students may choose to write a thesis or, in lieu of the thesis, complete the program by taking additional credit hours. In addition to a variety of elective courses, the program also offers supplementary activities such as projects, hands-on implementation, site visits, conferences and seminars.

The program is administered by the Kadir Has University Graduate Education Legislation. The language of education is Turkish.

General Information:

  • There are obligatory and elective courses. Depending on the resources available, electives may vary from semester to semester.
  • The graduate degree with a thesis requires the completion required credit hours, enrollment in the seminar course (zero credit) and graduate thesis acceptance. The graduate thesis is zero credit.
  • The graduate degree without a thesis requiresd completion of required credits and acceptance of the final project. The final project is zero credit.
  • Graduate courses are given on weekdays during regular class hours at Kadir Has University’s main Cibali campus.


Graduate students can be granted type A or type B scholarships. The type A scholarship includes a full tuition waiver and financial support throughout the normal duration of graduate education. Holders of type A scholarships are asked to contribute 20 hours per week to their corresponding department’s activities. The type B scholarship includes only a full or partial tuition waiver.  Students holding a 50% or higher type B scholarship are asked to contribute up to 10 hours per week to their corresponding department’s activities.  More information concerning graduate scholarships may be found in the university website under the heading “Prospective Students.”

Application Deadlines:

The program will follow Kadir Has University’s academic calendar.

For More Information:

Prof. Dr. E. Füsun ALİOĞLU (Program Director)

0212 5336532 / 1566


Y. Doç. Dr. Yonca Kösebay ERKAN

0212 5336532 / 1568