The Curatorial module is simultaneously a teaching program for graduate research and a mechanism for bringing together the experiences and practices of working within art and design institutions and environments, with modes of theoretical reflection and analysis at the university.  

The teaching program includes lectures and seminars by tutors, including visiting curators, artists, designers, critics and gallery and museum professionals and academics. The module focuses on curatorial positions, politics and practices, providing art and design perspectives, exhibition histories, and different forms of critical writing that engage in contemporary debates on the historical, social, political, and ecological.  

In addition, off-site visits to practitioner studios, museums, galleries and areas of urban development of Istanbul will be included to ensure situated, grounded and spatial knowledge acquisition.  

The first year will include lectures and workshops and small individual and group projects. The second year is more self–directed, where students produce a written MA thesis based on original research under the supervision of a faculty advisor. The students who seek curatorial careers may choose to conceive self-directed workshops and an exhibition project, which can assume a variety of formats, along with their MA thesis.  

The Curatorial module is part of Master in Design Program at Kadir Has University and a collaborative project of KHAS, İKSV İstanbul Biennial and IKSV İstanbul Design Biennial.  

Module coordinator: Eylül Şenses, designMA@khas.edu.tr